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CBeebies is the British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC)'s pre-school destination for young children, from newborn to eight years old, and their parents and carers. It is available on TV, interactive TV, IPlayer, on Radio, in Toys, Magazines, and other merchandise, at Alton Towers, and on the web. From morning to night, the digital linear channel (available without money), which launched in February 2002 alongside its companion website, is where youngsters and their parents can share everything, from singing and dancing to Birthday Wishes and Bedtime Stories. The BBC iPlayer service is the #1 children's streaming service in the UK, with over 1,000,000 views each week.

CBeebies is unlike any other children's network in Britain because it's truly interactive.  It features children's artwork, birthday cards, videos and photos every day on TV as part of CBeebies' 4 presented blocks - Get Set Go, Discover + Do, Big Fun Time, and the Bedtime Hour, each day through submissions sent to them from mums and dads via the website, bbc.co.uk/cbeebies.  CBeebies relies on grown-ups to participate in its daily programming and give them feedback on their presenters, programmes, or how they're doing, so for 18 years and counting, it's really looking forward to making new friends and learning how it can continue to better serve mummies, daddies and their pre-schoolers, all across the UK.   x We won't let an important part of children's television get erased. So come join us today!

Who Presents CBeebies?

TV Series

Presentation Segments

  • Get Set Go (The channel begins on the air at 6am before School & Home)
  • Discover + Do (During School & Home from 9am to 3pm)
  • Big Fun Time (After School & Home from 3pm to 6pm before Bedtime Hour)
  • Bedtime Hour (Includes a Bedtime Story & Bedtime Song before the channel goes off the air at 7pm)
  • Sue's Make and Do Hour
  • Nicole's Furry Friends Hour
  • Sid's Fix It Hour
  • Chris's Sing Hour
  • Pui's Exploring Hour
  • Carrot Club
  • Poppies 2014
  • Exercise with Phoebe (Starts January 2022)
  • Fun with Daniel & Dodge (Starts January 2022)


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